Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Princess Embroidered apron & hat set - for little chefs

Passover finally came to an end. *sigh of relief* 

As many of you might understand, small children can turn very sour if you take their favorite carbs away, namely, white bread and frosties. In full honesty, I'm not sure why I actually make them go through with it, but I suspect it's mostly cultural and perhaps a good pinch of social pressure. I'm just too practical to even try and find any esoteric reason behind this.

Passover is however, a fantastic time to unleash your imagination and try to turn a dry, tasteless (some might argue) matzah, into something good, all the while keeping your out of school children from going nuts. 

This year, I decided to put them in the kitchen and make them cook their food. Yes, a cruel and unusual punishment. Just look at my son's face, toiling with his matzah bread, while his sister oversees the work, while eating a Papouchado matzah cookie.
That adorable (and very professional looking) princess apron and hat set, just made everything a whole lot more fun! It's from Cooksmart, made of 100% cotton and has a pretty embroidered gold crown. The hat is adjustable (just be careful with that Velcro, long hair can get tangled in it). 

Where to find the princess apron set: Shooka, 7 Rambam St. Tel Aviv
Price: 119.00 shekels for a set

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