Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shlomit Ofir Jewelry Design - Beautiful accessories, even for little girls.

Some things are just so beautiful, it doesn't really matter if they where made for children or grown ups. Forget pink, bold flowery accessories, this hair bow, although simple, is a classic for any age. This particular one, comes from Shlomit Ofir's small shop on Shabazi (Neve Tsedek) and there are literally dozens of pieces to choose from.
Definitely worth taking a look.

Where to find it: Shlomit Ofir Jewelry Design
Price: 120.00 shekels (on sale)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Hadass Hall's Motek shop - I found Irene's new favorite bag!

Hadass Hall's Motek shop, is one of my favorite places when I'm looking for that special something for my girls. Everything feels handmade and unique. The materials are fantastic, the designs are simple, but so stylish... no Disney print outs or disco going outfits, just real children's clothes. This time, I couldn't resist taking this little bag for Irene. The bright blue and deep red match beautifully. I also added a few retro styled pin badges they had at the store. When I gave it to her, she was so overwhelmed, she gave it back to me, covered her eyes and made me pretend she was having a surprise. So although she had already seen it, I told her to close her eyes and open her hands. I gave it to her one more time...  and sheer bliss. That was so special. 
Luckily, the size was just right to fit in her lunch box, as it quickly became her new favorite school bag and it goes pretty much everywhere with her.  

Where to find: Motek- Hadass Hall
Price for the bag: 49.00 Shekels
Price of the pin badges: 15.00 Shekels each

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Princess Embroidered apron & hat set - for little chefs

Passover finally came to an end. *sigh of relief* 

As many of you might understand, small children can turn very sour if you take their favorite carbs away, namely, white bread and frosties. In full honesty, I'm not sure why I actually make them go through with it, but I suspect it's mostly cultural and perhaps a good pinch of social pressure. I'm just too practical to even try and find any esoteric reason behind this.

Passover is however, a fantastic time to unleash your imagination and try to turn a dry, tasteless (some might argue) matzah, into something good, all the while keeping your out of school children from going nuts. 

This year, I decided to put them in the kitchen and make them cook their food. Yes, a cruel and unusual punishment. Just look at my son's face, toiling with his matzah bread, while his sister oversees the work, while eating a Papouchado matzah cookie.
That adorable (and very professional looking) princess apron and hat set, just made everything a whole lot more fun! It's from Cooksmart, made of 100% cotton and has a pretty embroidered gold crown. The hat is adjustable (just be careful with that Velcro, long hair can get tangled in it). 

Where to find the princess apron set: Shooka, 7 Rambam St. Tel Aviv
Price: 119.00 shekels for a set