Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vibram Five Fingers - LOve mE?

The Bikila LS

Admittedly, it takes a certain amount of courage to step into them and step outside, specially when you live in the outskirts of South Tel Aviv. 
The first time, I found myself running aimlessly, just so people wouldn't have time to notice them on my feet. But that of course, was before I came to realize that, unlike grown adults wearing Crocs, this actually was a worthy statement. 
The Vibram Five Fingers are not pretty, not by a long shot, but they will make you run and think differently. They are extremely light and snug and have just enough padding to protect the foot, all the while leaving you with that wonderful feeling of being the road runner. 
They take time to get used to and you should limit yourself to 2 minutes runs and slowly increase it. As with any other muscle, those in your feet need to adapt, otherwise you might end up with an injury. I personally felt some soreness on the arch of my feet up to the calves, but it was gone after a couple of days and I was able to get back to running.

So who should wear these? Anyone really, even kids, but if you like running and hiking,  these are worth a fair try. The grip is just fantastic!
Still having a hard time getting over the look? There is a huge selection of models and colors. Chances are, you'll find one that you'll actually feel less self conscious to wear the first time... but you'll be proud to show off once you really get the feel of it.

Where to find them? Pro:Sport  (wonderful service and in store test run to find the perfect shoe for you)
Price: 300.00 Shekels (They are on sale now!)


  1. Hey Alex I thought you said you'd never let Anan buy them! Now you're wearing them yourself... :)

    I now own 3 pairs myself, they're perfect for running, martial arts and parkour (my recent hobby). I've even started wearing them to work, they attract only positive attention..

    By the way, I disagree about them being ugly, I think some of the design are freaking awesome.

  2. Indeed, I was converted. I love my pair of Five Fingers, but perhaps because these are my very first ones, I am still struggling with the look of them. Some of the styles are pretty awesome though, I was just not brave enough to jump all the way and so, picked a more discreet pair to start with. What models do you have? How long did it take you to get fully used to them?

  3. The first model I got was a black simple pair of Sprints. Took me about a month to fully get used to them, but I didn't go about it gently- I walked in them for a week (sore feet) or so before my first run - which was a 25 minutes one, and after that I was too sore to walk for a week or so! but I just kept wearing them and walking/running anyway. So maybe it will be a bit slower for people who do it the sensible way...

    Now I have - Bikila in pink and orange, KSO lace up in black and pink and Bikila lace up in purple-white. I like the Bikilas the most, they're pretty good for Parkour (running, walking on rails, climbing walls and stuff)

    Does Anan have a pair too now?!